Look closer. The Little Things matter.  

Great Barrier Reef - metropolis for the residents of Reef Society.

Each with a story. #reefstory


Opal reef waters. Peacock coloured fish, sapphire-blue starfish and scarlet worms.  Corals sculpted with military precision to microscopic detail. Gauguin's palette with DaVinci's flair for innovation. Each fish's patterns and colours communicate who they are.  What they stand for, many small cogs in the giant wheel that is the reef.   Everything connected.

Coral reefs are resilient because they're extraordinarily diverse, interconnected systems.    A vast tapestry of multi-coloured, multi-layered threads. When something breaks down, the system, with its multiple redundancies, kicks in. The ecosystem adapts, survives, grows.  But if too many parts break down, the integrity of the structure falters;  gaps appear like cancer - a gradual chronic crumbling or a catastrophic tipping point.  Our reefs, our oceans need all these "little things" to maintain the system's integrity.  Biodiversity and clean air and water are vital. 

We can all do something to "tread lightly" on our planet, but the first step is creating awareness. It's a beautiful world.  Be a part of it.