Our human society has always been drawn to the ocean.  For food, for spiritual replenishment, or for the sheer wild joy of it.  In Port Douglas, where I live, the natural world is intertwined in our everyday lives.  We are the closest Port to the Great Barrier Reef and we have the world's oldest rainforest on our doorstep around the Daintree. Being active outdoors is how we socialise - climbing the infamous Bump Track or paddling outrigger canoes and SUPs at dawn on Four Mile Beach.  Many of us work each day on the reef - sharing our love of the reef with those visitors not lucky enough to live here.  Wherever you live, its a beautiful world. Stop. Look closer.  Be a part of it. 


There is rapture on the lonely shore

There is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea

And music in its roar. 

                                                    Lord Byron