Why a shop?

Top quality fabrics and garments. Fabulous colours and designs from the reef. Great stories. ... and a bigger message to share.
— Wendy Morris. Owner & founder of Reef Society

My aims through Reef Society are;

1. To spread awareness for the reef, its residents and the natural world.

I'd like these "wearable stories" to remind us of our place in the bigger picture of the natural world; as we get dressed in the morning, or hang out the washing, or sit in a contorted twist at yoga looking at the fabulous colours of a fish on our legs!   I'd like the people who visit our reef to become ambassadors for "the Little Things" - and what they represent - when you go home to New York or Mumbai, to Sydney or Shanghai or to the beaches of California.  We can all do something each day to "tread lightly" on our Earth.  

2. To be economically sustainable and to be able to make a contribution to the promotion and funding of specific reef research projects. 

The process of creating the clothing here has been challenging - and without question - expensive.  Each item is created with love, each panel is designed, printed, cut and sewn by hand in Queensland.  It would be a lot less expensive to do it overseas but I am determined to ensure the process remains as local as possible.  The team of artisan craftspeople creating these garments are talented and passionate.  As at June 2016, we are still working through a development process but I hope in the coming months to develop specific lines that will promote particular research projects and also contribute a percentage towards their funding.